Getting to know vine and instagram

Lets be honest. This sucked. It confirmed all my apprehensions about wasting time on screens with little benefit. In fact, I have spent 2 hours so far and not achieved anything. I can’t even get other people’s vines to work, can’t even watch them, so how am I going to possibly make my own? Well now I have downloaded the instagram and vine apps, will have a go in the park with my dogs.


So, turns out listening to your teacher is a good idea. Having downloaded Instagram and Vine to my phone, it was suddenly very easy (my laptop doesn’t have the capacity to watch HTML5, i.e. vine/instagram videos, which made it very difficult…). Also, doing things on your phone has the added bonus of being able to be outside while on-screen. As a sustainability educator, I’m wary of adding screen time to my life, and although taking screens outside can then obviously limit or mediate your engagement with the outside world, perhaps it can at least add more outside time to your life. So here is me studying while walking the dogs:



  1. thomcochrane · March 23, 2015

    Hi Blanche – many of the tools we are exploring are “Mobile First” – meaning that the Apps are developed predominantly or only for consumption and sharing via mobile devices with the Apps – often the Web interfaces (for laptops and desktops) are more for viewing only. This is in contrast to the older Web 2.0 platforms that were desktop oriented and added mobile access to. For example, Instagram does not provide any searching or editing features on the Web version, but does so in the mobile App. Great to see that you persevered and created and shared an Instagram video on the map! Well done!


    • blanchebhiggins · March 23, 2015

      Hey Thom,

      Sorry – I didn’t think anyone would read this! I am yet to post the update after actually achieving it! Found out my laptop won’t view HTML5 videos, which was what was making it all so frustrating, but you’re right, on the mobile everything was very easy. Sorry for being whingey! I am really excited about doing this course as I obviously need to! Thanks for all the support.


      • thomcochrane · March 23, 2015

        that’s part of the journey Blanche – great to see progress 😀


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